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Pastor Akin Osinbajo

Worshippers at The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Ilupeju, Lagos, were on Sunday, August 8, informed that Christians ought to make a positive difference and impact in wherever environment they found themselves.

Pastor Akin Osinbajo, made this known whilst delivering his sermon, during the second service of the church, just as he added that orderliness is a path to possessing their possessions.

The Pastor who described orderliness as being well behaved, law-abiding, disciplined, neat, insisted that every Christian ought to manifest an orderly spirit.

According to him, “There can only be holiness if there is orderliness. God manifests best in an atmosphere of orderliness. His glory is best seen where there is order.”

Pulling his Bible reference from Titus 2:1-19, Pastor Akin Osinbajo, urged the congregation to reflect on their lives and imbibe Godly values in their relationships in the home and workplace, adding that: “The way you are today, is the way you are perceived.”

The clergy further made use of the account of creation in the Bible, where God brought order to a formless dark atmosphere to emphasize that orderliness is a virtue that God represents and desires from his children.

“Disorderliness creates an atmosphere for the devil to operate, as the devil thrives in chaos, where it is easy for it to sneak in unnoticed. Orderliness is a route for Christians to possess peace, joy, health, jobs, and their various ministries.

“Always strive for excellence and abhor sloppiness, bad behaviour, and disorderliness. Make a conscious effort to be known for having the spirit of excellence.
“Constantly uphold and demonstrate godly principles like time consciousness, integrity, the Christian etiquette of speech, amongst others,” he said.