“The eyes of understanding of the believers need to be opened to avoid calamities, fallings and all forms of negative occurrences that to anyone whose eyes of understanding are darkened”.

Pastor Femi Odumabo stated this at the August 15, 2021, Sunday second service of The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos.

Preaching from Ephesians 1:17-18 and Ephesians 4:18, the clergy noted that one’s eyes of understanding might be darkened or enlightened, with a further explanation that the eyes of the believers become enlightened when they believe what God speaks to them, which is they ought to always be strong and courageous.

In his words, “When people are in despair, they lose their strength and courage. But at all times, we must be strong and be courageous as believers. So, be strong and courageous.

Pastor Femi Odumabo further cited the account of Joshua, where God spoke words of encouragement to him as recorded in Joshua 1:1-8. He noted that God’s words to believers are always an instruction, and if believers can hold on, they will not regret it.

“Reading the Bible is one thing; chewing and meditating on it is another thing. So, as you read the Bible, you need to meditate so that you can know what God is talking about,” he said.

The clergy also spoke from Nehemiah 9:19-20 to state that believers also need to be strong to take up challenges, because according to him, God is looking for the big stuff.

In his words, “Any time God wants to give us anything, He doesn’t force-feed us, He will put it within our reach so that we can take up the action to go take them. So, you have to stretch to get it. We sometimes don’t get our miracles because we don’t stretch to take what God has already provided for us. So, you must learn to stretch.”

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Pastor Femi Odumabo

Pastor Femi Odumabo further urged believers not to live on the surface but to get deeper with God.