A former president of the Home Affairs, the married women’s fellowship of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Mrs Kunmi Adebowale, has charged believers to be selfless in their prayers by interceding for others.

She said this during the July 14, 2022, Thursday Showers service held at TFOLC headquarters in Lagos State.

In the message titled “My Walk with God,” Mrs Adebowale shared lessons from her Christian journey and the need for believers to adopt them to strengthen their faith.

She taught that intercession is like sowing seeds into other people’s lives.

“Let us have a good heart for one another. Then, whatever seed you sow in the lives of others, God will do for you,” she said.

Sister Kunmi further stated that people sometimes get so carried away with their needs and wants that they fail to see what God has done for them. The former Home Affairs leader noted that some things people have and take for granted are precisely what others are praying to happen in their lives.

The educationist equally reiterated the importance of becoming a worker in the church, just as she explained that joining the workforce helped deepen her understanding of church messages.

Another lesson she shared with the worshippers was the need to be diligent in their study of the Word of God. She said this can be strengthened by regularly attending Bible studies and having personal Bible studies while asking the Holy Spirit for help. She said the Holy Spirit is the only One that can give them an understanding of the Word of God.

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Believers, she added, should get involved in church activities instead of just attending services. This is as she urged those who are yet to join the workforce to do so.

Mrs Adebowale also admonished believers to always commit their plans to God and never think they have it all figured out. She cited her experience where she felt she had her life planned out, from marriage to work, from starting a family to the number of children she would have. However, she saw everything crumble around her just when she thought her life was falling into place.

Mrs Adebowale then revealed that Proverbs 19:21 brought her to the realization that only God has the final say.

One other thing she told the worshippers at the Ilupeju headquarters of the TFOLC was that they should not relent in paying their tithe and always thanking God. She noted that it was from paying tithes that God opened many doors for her.

“I have experienced all these and seen it work for me. So, pray, even if you do not know how, connect with your heart, and see God move what you cannot,” she added.

Congregants also shared their testimonies during the service. One such testifier, Adebayo, thanked God for enabling him to graduate successfully after two years of backlogs and delays. He also testified that he had been admitted to a master’s programme.

Another worshipper, Blessing, thanked God for delivering her and her daughter from an illness and blessing her with a wonderful family in the body of Christ, especially in The Fountain of Life Church, through the miracle of relationships.

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Adetola Olutola, who titled his testimony “God is my protector and my shield,” also glorified God for delivering him from a ghastly motor accident without a scratch or broken bones.