Speaking on the theme for October, God’s Perfection, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the October anointing service said that there is no actualising the Word of God without meditating on it.

According to the man of God, Meditation is a conviction of a believer that God will perform His promise in their lives. “The Lord will perfect His promise over your life. So you need to meditate on this so that it becomes your conviction and, then, reality. So then, whether it is your life or what concerns your life, it will glorify God.”

Speaking from Psalms 138:1-8, the Senior Pastor noted that those who meditate on God’s Words and commune with Him make more sense when dealing with other human beings. He said, “Before you tell men about your problems, first talk to God about it because if you tell men first, you will become more confused.”

He further noted that for a believer to have the boldness of God’s perfection in his or her life, such a believer would have known of God’s antecedent, recorded in His Word. This assurance, he continued, would have to come from a place of meditation of such a believer. “He has done it before so that He will do it again. The Lord will perfect all that concerns you,” the clergy declared.

He, therefore, assured them to be confident in God’s Word to perfect all that concerns them because His mercy endures forever. He thereafter made some prophetic declarations on the congregation as the service was brought to a close.

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Reported by Emmanuel Egobiambu