Bishop Darrell Gooden, the president of the International Ministers Fellowship, Atlanta, USA, and Lead Pastor of Rehoboth Christian Centre in Georgia, USA, has revealed that the devil must ask for permission to get to the Christians, and without that, he cannot harm them.

According to the cleric who spoke during the first service of Sunday, April 10, 2022, the devil only strikes if given permission. He added that the devil uses the strategy of the lion who strikes by identifying the weak link amongst the herd, isolating, and attacking them.

Reading from 1 Peter 5:8 and referring to how the devil acts like a lion but is not a lion, the bishop told Fountaineers that, “for some reasons, some Christians have stopped coming to church, and it is at that point that they are the most vulnerable to the devil.

“Christians are the ones attracting the devil more than the devil is trying to get our attention.

“The prey gives the lion the telltale signs of its weakness and that is what gets its attention, and it strikes. In the same way with the devil, he senses the signals from the weak Christian, and he moves in to harm and destroy.”

The Lead Pastor who further insisted that the devil is doing all he can to wear out the church added that God has chosen us, especially at this time, and just as the goldsmith works on the gold to make it finer and purer, God is working on us.

He said, “we have been hand-picked and ordained for success. Out of millions of sperm cells released, only one got the egg fertilized.

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“This shows victory even from that stage of life; you are a winner from the start. This shows that the path of the one chosen by God is destined for the top, with victory all the way. No devil can take you out. You are chosen to be ordained for victory.”

The clergyman consequently charged Fountaineers and believers to praise God for the little things, so they can fit into the bigger plan.

While noting that brethren should not see the measure of the devil in any situation but the measure of God, Bishop Gooden raised prayers for those seeking new jobs, marriages, and homes, and family members hooked on addictions.

Meanwhile, the cleric at the second service reminded believers not to be discouraged in the face of trouble, saying God is always with them.

According to the clergyman, Christians should always keep in mind that God is with them and that before trouble comes, God is with His children.

In adding that believers should live with the mindset that they have a helper in life, the preacher said, “I don’t think God causes us trouble, but He is there in trouble.”

Taking his scripture from Psalm 84:6, the bishop posited that “before you ever get into trouble, God is already there. While everyone goes through troubles, the assurance of strength from God to overcome makes the journey easy.

“A lot of times, we become very depressed because it seems like all hope is gone and this is the final sail.

“But that is not true! God never takes us to a place and leaves us. You’ve got to realise that your valley is a product of your growth. Instead of lamenting about your situations, make the most of your challenges by laying out structures, so others can draw inspiration from them.

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“Encouraging yourself is also one way to triumph over life’s battles. Imbibe the attitude of growth, Christians ought to become better by the day.

“If you are the same person you were six weeks ago, you are not growing. Your everyday walk with Christ should be revealed in you.”