The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos, has said the Word of God is God Himself.

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, who was speaking in continuation of his teaching on the integrity of the Word of God, which he began the previous Thursday, stated that having a revelation of God’s Word creates access to Him.

According to Pastor Taiwo, who preached during the Sunday service of October 17, 2021, “You cannot be that close with God’s Word, and it will not be evident in your life. It cannot be faked.”

Speaking from John 1:1-14, he noted that the Word has been before the beginning of the world. He further stated that God is the Light that shows the way over any situation in a believer’s life, adding that He is the source of everlasting life.

“Wherever darkness is trying to block you off, the Word will pave the way for you. “His Word will produce any missing link or thing in your life.”

Pastor Taiwo also quoted John 9:5 to say that God extended His Light to humanity by sending Jesus to the world to die for them. He said this removed the veil between man and God, thereby transferring the Light on whoever believes in Him.

According to the Senior Pastor, “Light cannot be limited. So, when He said you are the Light, He wants you to shine your Light by choice.”

He urged Fountaineers to understand their right in God’s Word and always declare it to their situations anywhere and wherever.

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“Do not be silent; always declare God’s Words to your life and situations,” he added.