The 2021 Word Explosion Conference continued on the third day, with Rev George Adegboye, the President of Ever-Increasing Word Ministries, also known as the Rhema Chapel International Church, delivering the message with power.

Rev George, who is popularly known as “the walking Bible”, at the Wednesday, April 14 meeting, explained to the believers how Jesus used the method of scriptural interpretation as symbolic principles. Jesus often compared believers with things they could see and recognize. Citing Matthew 5:14-16, 2 Timothy 2:2-4, and John 15:1, the clergy listed six areas of comparison God used in the scriptures.

God compares us to things for the following reasons:

  • To give us an idea about how He sees us.
  • To show us the way He wants us to see ourselves
  • To demonstrate what He expects from us
  • To reveal how God will relate to us
  • To demonstrate the qualities He wants us to possess
  • To show us how God expects us to function

Rev George also pointed out that believers are to enrich and add value to whatever environment they find themselves in as the light of the world. He said, “the world is a constituency of every child of God; I’m challenging you today, be what you are.”

Rev George Adegboye

He also said that as faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we must stand for what He stood for, adding that the main reason we are made the light of the world is to shine. “Light always has an impact. Light is measured by its impact, and we are required and commanded to have an impact,” he said. The clergy noted that believers must carry within them the consciousness of being MAD – an acronym for Making A Difference!

#WEC2021 #WEC2021

Rev George further explained that Spiritual gifts, the Heart, our Ability, Personality and Experiences sum up our SHAPE, which is why we are made the way we are. He said, “We need to be what we are because we are light and are required to shine. Do all you can to all the people you can.”

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WEC2021 #WEC2021

He continued by saying believers are called to impact the family, the local church, unbelievers and believers, and the society. “Success without a successor is failure. Get involved wherever you find yourself, don’t stand aloof,” he said.

Rev George Adegboye

Rev George, who is also the President of the Word of Victory Bible School, in his closing remarks, said that prayer, the power of example, communication, giving and associations are tools used to impact or shine as a believer. “Prayer is a capital that we give to God. The greatest thing you can be is an example to others. If you are going to be the light, you have to go where the darkness is and shine,” he concluded.

Reported by Mary Ogundipe

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