Pastor Oyinda Soderu has urged believers not to back down in their service to God irrespective of the situation, noting that serving God is sweet.

She said this while ministering at the November 25 Thursday Showers, adding that shame is one of the devil’s tools to afflict believers in times of grief.

“One of the things the devil does is first to isolate you from others and then deal with you. Do not allow that to happen to you. Always believe that God is good no matter what happens,” she said.

In dealing with some questions in people’s hearts, Pastor Oyinda addressed the issue of people asking God why a seemingly bad situation would happen to them.

Taking her Bible text from Philippians 3:13, John 6:68, and Luke 9:62, the cleric noted that man has no choice of stopping halfway, noting that there is an end, either with God or the devil. This is why, she stated, believers cannot give up but press on to reach the end of the race which Christ has called them to run.

Also, speaking from Hebrews 4:15, she noted that it is normal for believers to feel overwhelmed and sad when bad things happen to them. She, however, charged her listeners that they must realize that God understands what they are going through because His Son also hung on the cross.

She added: “If the Bible says God understands, it is because He truly understands. So where would you run to if not to this God who understands?”

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The preacher further urged believers not to sin in seeming bad situations but choose to be positive and speak likewise no matter what happens.

“Some of us, in an attempt to process what we think is going on, have said things we should not have said. Ask God to help you not to sin in all of this. God is the only one who knows why because He sees the future. Keep an audit on your words and rather worship Him,” Pastor Oyinda further stated.