Pastor Kunle Osunkunle has said that God is always doing exceedingly above people’s expectations. He, however, insisted that it is the believers’ responsibility to trust Him and know that He is always on their side.

The cleric stated this while preaching during the first service on Sunday, May 1, 2022, at The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, headquarters in Ilupeju, Lagos State.

In his sermon, ‘The Prevailing Word of God’, he argued that God’s presence does not exempt Christians from trials but stated that such situations will always be in vain.

He cited Jeremiah 20:11 to buttress his point, adding that when God is on someone’s side, they are super loved. The clergyman posited that while this might not be obvious due to the prevailing challenges, the believer only needs to be still to know that God is God.

Pastor Osunkunle explained that the Shepherd’s joy is to seek a pasture for the sheep, and the believers’ duty is to follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd, because they know that God has promised never to abandon them.

While referencing last week’s promise in Psalm 46:1, he espoused that one thing the devil always attacks in the life of a believer is their joy.

According to Pastor Kunle, the devil knows that believers risk having no strength to forge ahead when he succeeds in stealing their joy. But the good thing is that the Christian’s strength is anchored on the joy of the Lord.

He said that the devil’s strategy is to use the obvious to create fear in the believer’s heart. Nevertheless, he stated that the visible is only temporal, while the unseen is eternal, and the only constant is Jesus, as stated in Hebrews 13:8.

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The clergyman re-echoed the importance of anchoring oneself to God and His Word, saying that doing so would keep the believer afloat no matter how intense the tide is. He then cited Hebrews 6:19, reemphasizing that the anchor is fixed firmly in the presence of God.

The cleric also enumerated what he described as the résumé of God’s Word. He listed them as follows:

· God’s Word cannot die; that is why it is life itself.

· God’s Word cannot fail; it passes one hundred per cent of the time (Isaiah 14:24)

· God’s Word cannot lie; it is truth itself (Titus 1:2).

· God’s Word cannot be chained.

· God’s Word cannot be broken.

· God’s Word cannot be finished; its value never diminishes.

· God’s Word cannot be troubled; it is rest itself (Isaiah 26:3).

God, he admonished, can always be trusted, and his reputation is never in doubt. Pastor Kunle Osunkunle stated that as good as God’s promises are, the believer’s responsibility is to believe them, meditate on them, pray, and sing them. He noted that a life that does not enthrone the Word of God would forever have its throne in contention with the enemy.

He recounted the story of Jesus crossing to the other side with the disciples, as described in Mark 4:35-41, telling how Jesus (the Word), who was fast asleep, was woken up to rebuke the storm. He advised that it is not enough for believers to take the Word along with them; it must be activated.

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“If the Word creates you, only the Word can sustain you; there will be prevailing strength as you continue in it. You are an overcomer,” he said.