Speaking from Genesis 18:14, Pastor Taiwo during his message at the May 7 Thursday Showers said that there has never been any time that God is not faithful, noting that there is no prayer He can’t answer, the promise He can’t keep and situations He can’t handle.

Citing biblical examples of Paul and Silas (Act 16:25-26), Jonah (Jonah 2), Esther (Esther 3), and Hannah (I Samuel 2), Pastor said that no situation or challenge ever catches God unawares.

This is why, according to him, believers should trust in Him because doubting Him is equating Him to men who can fail.

“When you doubt His promise, you equate Him to men and He is not a man. God is still in the habit of answering prayers and He will answer you. Just have faith in Him,” he said.

He urged them from Psalm 126 to believe God to bring to pass His promise to them no matter what their circumstances may be now.

In his words, “If he answered Hannah, Jonah, Noah, Peter, and even Jesus, then He would answer you. If He made you start, He will make you finish well.

“When God promises you, He guides His words and makes sure nothing stops it. There is nothing too difficult for God to do. You are his special child and he can be trusted. He’s dependable.”

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