While ministering at the June 23 Thursday Showers service, the Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, told the congregation not to let the devil put them down.

He said this, noting that being in the presence of God is not intimidating but commanding. According to him, once a person is in God’s presence, the love of the Father captivates the heart, making problems realise they have no agenda in the individual’s life.

“From now on, it is the glory of God that will dominate. If God goes with you in any situation or season of life, then you will come out better, bigger, and praising God,” the pastor noted.

The Senior Pastor explained that God could turn a hopeless situation around and thus encouraged Christians to believe God’s word even if the problem appears contrary.

“Once a person’s life is gainfully employed or occupied by God, then the rest of such a life will be gainfully used,” he said.

The cleric reminded the worshippers that God can meet their needs no matter the difficulty.

While referencing Genesis 8:22, he likened the efficacy of words to seeds. “If a seed is sown wrongly, it can ruin an entire generation, so it is necessary to sow good seeds,” he said.

The preacher urged believers never to compare themselves with anyone but always thank God for what is reserved for them in the future. He warned that jealousy kills creativity when the mind that should think about who one is and where they are going next is given to the devil to use to bring others down.