The 2023 edition of the Word Explosion Conference of The Fountain of Life Church came with power and impartation.

The conference, billed to hold from Wednesday, April 12 to Sunday, 16, boasts anointed ministers like Apostle Joshua Selman, Pastor Sola Osunmakinde, Pastor Niyi Eboda, Pastor Chris Delvan Ngwamna, Pastor Richard Whitcomb, and the host and Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

The conference started on Wednesday, April 12, with an anointed praise and worship session and music ministration by The Grace Levites, after which Bishop Mike Okonkwo delivered his opening charge and welcome address via a video recording.

According to the Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission, TREM, the life of a believer can never be exciting if the Holy Spirit is neglected, adding that a believer’s life is a high life and one wherein the kingdom of God should be expressed on earth.

Speaking from John 7:26 and 16:7-14, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, fondly considered the grandfather of The Fountain of Life Church, noted that believers should not live as mediocre but as excellent people. This, he said, is why they need to receive the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

“You carry divine enablement because you’re a chosen generation. So feed on Him daily. Don’t walk naked because when believers walk contrary to the provision made available for them through the death of Christ, they’re walking naked,” he said.

Bishop Okonkwo’s charge was immediately followed by a power-packed teaching delivered by Apostle Joshua Selman. Diving into the ministration for the evening, Apostle Selman, renowned for his Koinonia ministry, said that no amount of intellectual ability is sufficient to describe and understand the concept of the Holy Spirit because He is God and the first to be revealed in the scripture according to Genesis 1:1-2 and Acts 5:3-4.

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Speaking from Jeremiah 6:16, the apostle said that the four dimensions of encounters bring a defining moment in a Christian’s life. They are the encounter with Jesus Christ which happens at salvation, the encounter with the person and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the encounter with the Word of God as a compendium of the modus operandi of the kingdom, and the encounter with the body of Christ.

Focusing on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Selman said that the Holy Spirit has a three-fold ministry:

1. To creation. The Spirit of God is God’s very life, and the Holy Spirit’s
relevance is not just to men but to all of creation.
2. To unbelievers (John 16:8-9)
3. To believers. A bulk of His ministry lies here because the believer is the most aligned person that can work with Him to birth the eternal purpose of God.

Speaking further on the ministry of the Holy Spirit to believers, the apostle said that the Holy Spirit provides guidance and direction (Acts 13:2, John 16:12-14); reveals the will and the Word of God (1Corinthians 2:9-12); confirms the Word, giving it life (Mark 16:20); represents the voice of God to the believer (1Timothy 4:1, Revelation 2:29); and He is the custodian of the power of God, the anointing (Isaiah 61:1, Act 10:38);

He concluded his ministration with prophetic declarations and prayers over the congregation.

Reported by Becky Olorunpomi