Pastor Kunle Soriyan of The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju in Lagos State, has again reminded believers to remain steadfast even amid tribulations, saying that there are testimonies embedded in every trial.

This was the crux of his sermon during the first service of February 27, 2022. He explained that though the world is flawed, and the days are evil, every situation eventually works for the benefit of the believer.

“Everything you call negative or pain, God has a testimony embedded in it,” he said in his message titled the Dominion of God on Humanity.

The cleric explained that the pains believers experience is working out God’s perfect plans for their lives just as Jesus’ death on the cross was His salvation strategy for the world.

“The devil is a messenger and even at the height of his evil, God is achieving a purpose,” he added

Before then, Pastor Kunle Soriyan had said the dominion given to man in Genesis 1:26-28 was a blessing for the human condition and not for believers because there was no born again in the world then. According to him, when sin came in, ease and access to dominion were taken but not dominion.

“The dominion is still there, but man now had to hustle and toil to look for it. Everything human beings are doing, whether born again or not, they do because they have the dominion of God that He blessed humanity with.

“That’s why they could create artificial intelligence and all the technologies and do incredible things.”

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He continued, “What unbelievers have is the right to access anything. What believers have is the right to access it and the power to do so. This is the conversation we need to have as believers,” Pastor Soriyan added.

The clergyman also cited 1 Peter 4:12-13, and 2 Timothy 3:1-12, while explaining that believers need to know the power they have, in addition to the access they have, to rise to the occasion.

This is as he told the congregation that with God, all things are possible. He, however, cautioned that God doesn’t do all things because some things in God are looped and automated.

While explaining what a loop is, the preacher said it is a guaranteed experience within a circle.

“So, where there is a loop, you have a guaranteed experience in it. In all labour, there is a profit; the principle of seedtime and harvest is a loop,” he said.