Pastor Atinuke Olashore of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC) says when God is praised, He takes charge.

She commented in her sermon during the Sunday second service of October 30, 2022, at the TFOLC headquarters in Lagos State.

The cleric, who started by leading the congregation in a prayer of thanksgiving for the Senior Pastor of the Church, titled her message ‘The Power of Praise’. She took her reading from Psalm 22:3 while noting that praise is the most potent form of prayer. Praise, the mother of two said, triggers faster answers from God.

“When in the place of worrying and desperation, and having prayed and weary of waiting for the answer, go into praise. Praise should be offered to God when things are good or bad. The circumstances one finds him or herself should not stop the praises of God,” she stated.

The cleric also said those who pray in the Spirit and with understanding should equally break out in praise, adding that this pushes the devil away.

“In a dark situation, the devil will bring in fear, anxiety, and other views to cause panic, but that is the best time to bring praise. Praise brings light, which darkness cannot stand. Then, the situation will surely turn around,” Pastor Olasore told the worshippers at the TFOLC headquarters in the Ilupeju area of Lagos State.

She continued, “When the devil comes with his devices, you should not cower in fear and say the wrong things, but rather, through praise, declare the word of God as His word is truth. In heaven, all there is laughter and joy, and so at no point should praise cease in the life of the Christian.”

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Pastor Olasore was quick to note that the focus of praise is and should be on God, adding that it is an audience with Him alone.

“Every thought should fade away, and total focus should be on the Almighty,” she admonished.

Speaking on using praise as a weapon of warfare in prayers, Pastor Atinuke read from Psalms 75:9-10; 149:5-9, explaining that believers can enforce vengeance and war with praises.

“When faced with that difficult situation, turn the prayer of warfare around with praise. The next step may not be known or seen, but the assurance of peace will surely follow, and there will be calm,” the writer and entrepreneur added.

The clergywoman thus urged the congregation not to stop praising God because, as they do, they enforce judgment on the enemy.

“When the enemy raises an issue, you should dance and praise God. This ensures victory in the battle,” the founder of the Anointed Women of God Ministry said.

Earlier in the service, Pastor Yemisi Akindolie read the Promise for the Week from Hosea 10:12 and told the congregation that sowing in righteousness is standing with God and humanity.

According to her, doing what is right before God will result in reaping mercy. She thus charged them to shun wickedness to avoid reaping the harvest of sin. Instead, she said believers are to work on the idle grounds of their lives, so they may reap God’s promised rain of righteousness.

The service also doubled as the TFOLC Family Sunday, which usually features families coming together to praise God and dedicate their babies to Him.

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