Pastor Amaka Maduneme has asserted that only joy from God’s Word lasts forever.

She said this during her sermon during the second service of December 11, 2022, of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC).

In her sermon captioned “The Season of Joy,” the preacher said joy may mean many things to different people. But she defined it as a feeling of goodness and happiness dependent on a Christian’s relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Amaka spoke passionately about the irrelevance of worldly riches, activities, and pleasures as determinants of the type of joy she was addressing.

The preacher said that the type of joy in focus is derived through the Spirit of God. She explained that this comes from believing in God and His Word, which is very different from the fleeting realities of other temporary things.

Quoting Psalm 16:11, she said true joy comes from abiding in the presence of God. However, she warned that it is dangerous to be empty of joy as negative things happen daily, with people dying of depression and desperation.

Furthermore, she read from John 15:11, declaring that the joy that each Christian should aspire to have is the one from Jesus, “this is the only joy that is true and worthwhile,” she noted.

Pastor Amaka admonished that it is essential to know that only the joy of God gives strength. This joy, according to her, is a covenantal one and derives from fellowship with the Spirit. She stated that this is always present, regardless of the situations, circumstances, or unpleasant situations a Christian may face.

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She then read from Galatians 5:22–23, declaring that the joy from God is limitless, creative, constant, and derivable only from the Holy Spirit. She prophesied that there would be an abundance of testimonies even before the end of the year.