Pastor Amaka Maduneme, while ministering at the February 16 Thursday Showers of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Ilupeju, Lagos, has told worshippers that the Holy Spirit is always available to help His own and to make them grow.

Growth, she added, is a vital part of a Christian’s life, adding that any life without growth is dead. “You cannot be a Christian and not grow. That is why you need the help of the Holy Ghost,” she said.

In an atmosphere of worship, the minister reminded her listeners that they have the nature of God in them because they were created in His image, adding that they have dominion as a mandate given to them by their Creator, God, as recorded in Genesis 1:26-30. This nature of God in a believer’s life, she said, is vital for growth.

She said, “You have dominion because God gave it to you. God gave you dominion and authority; He also blessed you. You are blessed to be a blessing to others. So, whatever you say will come to pass.”

Speaking from Zechariah 4:6 and 2 Corinthians 2:11 and 13:14, the cleric noted that for believers to enjoy the extravagant love of God, His grace, and the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit, they must know and make time for Him.

“A man and woman in His presence is a powerful man and woman. As you enter His presence, He will open your heart and fill you. You cannot come into the presence of the Holy Ghost and go back the same.

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“Make time for the Holy Spirit and have intimacy with Him. This year cannot be the year of the holy ghost for nothing,” she added.

Also citing Psalm 18:29, Pastor Amaka said that the Holy Spirit is real and God’s power is in action. According to her, He represents the eternal presence of Jesus, revealing Jesus to believers, adding that any believer who hunger and thirst for the Holy Ghost would be filled.

“What you just need is to ask Him for help. Tell Him you need Him, and watch how He comes to help you.”

She, therefore, urged them to create time for the Holy Spirit in their lives, as that is when they can enjoy His help.

“You need to create an atmosphere in your heart and home for Him to come in. You cannot be fighting your spouse every day and expect the Holy Ghost to stay. If you talk to Him, He will answer you,” the clergywoman maintained.