The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, has announced that mercy will always supersede judgment if believers can appeal to His mercy.

Pastor Jimmy announced the March 3 Sunday service, as he began a new series titled, Mercy Me.

“God is a just God and when you appeal to His mercy, He hears, and mercy will always supersede judgment,” he said.

Speaking from Romans 9:14, the Senior Pastor stated that mercy and compassion work hand in hand, adding that it is God’s choice to show mercy to whom He wants and has nothing to do with any human input.

“It cannot be bought or manipulated. It is tied to the sovereignty of God. Mercy flows from His very essence,” the clergyman stated.

Using the conversation between Moses and God as recorded in Exodus 33:12 as an example, Pastor Jimmy revealed that appealing to God’s mercy is appealing to His name.

He also mentioned the examples of blind Bartimaeus recorded in Mark 10:46-52 and King David recorded in Psalms 51 & 2 Samuel 12 to show the different ways mercy can be appealed for.

Pastor Jimmy said, “Moses started by asking for His presence, and from His presence came His name, and with His name came mercy. In other words, when you seek mercy, stay in His presence.”

According to Pastor Jimmy, mercy can speak to relieve pain, and difficult situations, as well as for forgiveness of sin.

While adding that in the Old Testament, consequences are inevitable even when mercy prevailed, the Senior Pastor maintained that, “There is always a consequence for judgment even amid mercy.

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“If it does not happen in the lifetime of the person, it will pass down even to the fourth generation. Anyone guilty of a crime must pay for it.

“Although mercy speaks, scars and wounds will be there. If you judge mercy based on your scars, you will miss it.”

The clergyman further went ahead to explain that the blood of Jesus which was shed for the remission of sin stopped judgment and its consequence for His mercy.

In his words: “With the shedding of the blood of Jesus, the Christian can now have mercy without the consequences of judgment.

“Jesus has stepped in before God and is ensuring that all sins are blotted out and mercy has taken its place.

“Jesus Christ, being the High Priest of the church, has taken away the shame and condemnation meant for the church and is now free from the consequences of mercy and judgment.”

Earlier in the service, the Associate Senior Pastor, Pastor Tolu Odukoya encouraged the congregation with the promise for the week which was taken from Lamentations 3:37.

While speaking, Pastor Tolu noted that Christians have enormous power as a result of the Holy Spirit in them.

“There is power and authority you carry in you,” she said.

The clergywoman, therefore, urged them to know their identity in Christ and utilize it by speaking to whatever situation in their lives with the power and authority they have in Christ.

“You have been given power and dominion over the air, land, and sea and so no other word can stand when the word of God has been spoken forth,” the preacher added.