Pastor Femi Megbope has described insecurity as a hindrance, saying it stops people from enjoying God’s blessings.

He stated this in his sermon at the July 2 Sunday second service.

The preacher took his main text from Esther 3:1-9; and 5:9-13, which detailed Mordecai and Haman’s story.

According to Pastor Femi Megbope, Hamans had no reason to be jealous of Mordecai, who was merely a guard in the palace.

The cleric, however, said insecurity pushed Haman to see a gatekeeper as a competition.

The pastor said: “He left a party happy – having enjoyed himself – and then he saw the gateman, and the happiness disappeared and anger set in”.

Pastor Femi Megbope noted that while Haman was well respected and wealthy, he wondered why he envied a gatekeeper.

“Of what relevance is Mordecai’s presence to the wealth, office, and prestige that Haman was enjoying? Nothing! Insecurity would not allow you to enjoy your blessings.

“Insecurity would make you take your eyes off the great things God has done and focus on the seemingly inconsequential things”, Pastor Femi Megbope added.

Furthermore, the clergyman wondered why some people just hate others for nothing. This attitude, he said, is a signpost to insecurity which should not be found among believers.

“Affirm your children because if you don’t, insecurity would set in, and they would begin to look for security where they ought not to.

“Speak blessings and positive words to your children. Affirm them so that by the time they leave the house, they are complete. Nothing anybody can say would shake them”, he told the worshippers.

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