With a powerful session of praise and worship by the Grace Levites, the March 24 Thursday Showers had the ambience of God’s palpable presence.

The testimonies from Brother Femi Johnson and Sister Bisola Benson further evidenced the tangible presence of God and His intervention in the lives of His children.

Giving the message for the day was Pastor Bisoye Okwoli who reminded the worshippers about their righteousness in God through Christ Jesus.

According to the minister, believers’ right standing with God has no age limit because the Lamb of God, through whom that righteousness was imputed on them, has no age as stated in John 1:1.

In her words: “We are saved eternally because this Lamb has no age. So, your right standing and ability to fellowship with God are without end. That is why you have the glory that you have.”

The clergywoman further cited 2 Corinthians 3:7-10, Romans 5:6-17 to say that self-glory is destructive and leads to condemnation because no man can achieve God’s righteousness through works, but the gift of salvation brought by Christ.

“Your righteousness did not qualify you, but God’s does. The reason you will reveal God’s unhindered glory this year is not because of what you have done but because of the finished work of Christ. However, as with every gift, you must accept and receive it,” she noted.

The cleric further said that this gift of salvation is not a license for an immoral lifestyle.

She, therefore, urged her listeners never to underestimate themselves or the things God can do through them but to see themselves as Christ sees them and reveal His glory as it has been declared to them.

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“Jesus has come and finished the work so that you and I can reveal His glory. So, this year, you are going to allow more of Jesus’ glory to be revealed than is usual.

“Don’t say that you don’t qualify. It is Jesus who qualifies you, not you,” she urged.