Pastor Blessing Awosika has charged members of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos to remember that God never fails. She added that believers should keep putting their trust in Him irrespective of what happens.

This charge was made during her message at the September 3 Sunday second service.

The clergywoman, who used the account of Moses and Joshua as recorded in Joshua 1:1-2, where God called Joshua after the death of Moses and instructed him to continue with the assignment of taking the children of Israel to the promised land, as an illustration, stated that the end of an era of a servant of God isn’t the end of his ministry.

“The fact that Moses died did not mean the purpose of God had ended; it just meant Moses had finished his part of the assignment. Members of The Fountain of Life Church are fruits of the purpose and calling of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya who had just passed on to glory after fulfilling his part of the assignment; thus, members of the church need to continue with this assignment as purposed by God”, said the clergywoman.

Pastor Blessing Awosika further cited the example of Jesus Christ, whose death resulted in a wounded set of disciples that suddenly woke up from their slumber, received grace, power, and the word which they unleashed on their world to say that even though the passing of Pastor Taiwo is a trying time for the church, they should behave like the Apostles who still took the gospel round the world despite their broken-heartedness and even persecution, thereby fulfilling the scriptures that says until the word of God covers the earth just like waters cover the sea, Jesus would not be revealed.

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In her words, “You are also part of that army being driven and scattered in different directions, taking the word of God with them.

“There will be several questions begging for answers, but only the all-knowing God has answers to all questions. So, keep moving on and trusting God because the journey with God is a journey of trust”.

The preacher therefore urged the congregation to continue to offer sacrifices of praise to God through the aches and pains.

“God is the shepherd of our soul and wherever He leads us as a church after the homegoing of the set-man is where we will go because God will never leave nor forsake His people,” she concluded.