Pastor Rotimi Okpaise of The Fountain of Life Church (TFOLC), Ilupeju, Lagos, has reminded Fountaineers that the purpose of God for them is to be glad.

He spoke during the August 27 Sunday first service, while sharing the theme for August, ‘Supernatural Turnaround’.

Referencing Psalm 126:1-3, Pastor Rotimi Okpaise encouraged the congregation to seek gladness despite challenges or issues or what people see, to come out victorious.

He said: “Seek gladness in the presence of issues; some of us have been going through things that just look too impossible to turn around, they just seem to be a stamp of life, but a turn comes, a change comes”.

While adding that God is changing situations and that the church is moving into the next stage, the cleric declared, “Bleakness is not our portion, Jehovah will make a way, where there appears to be no way.

“The path for us is straightened, we may not understand now. We are going to look back and laugh and people will testify that God lives in the Fountain of Life Church”.

Pastor Rotimi Okpaise emphasized that God would reveal Himself more in the coming days and that “He will create a way, a breakthrough for everything that concerns us.

“The Spirit of God is taking us to a higher place, and we are going to testify and, soon, be better people.”

The preacher advised the congregation not to be weary, but to remain glad and trust in the Lord and that God’s promise for the church is a supernatural turnaround, as Pastor Taiwo Odukoya experienced and has moved into eternal life.

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As a result, the clergyman encouraged the congregation from Ephesians 6 and Matthew 28:19, to stay in the race and remain standing as that is the purpose of the church and what Pastor Taiwo Odukoya would want.

“Pastor wants us to shine. When you shine, you become visible, when you shine, you attract attention, when you shine, you become a beacon, a lighthouse”, he added.