Believers should never take the word of God for granted, the Senior Pastor, The Fountain of Life Church, Taiwo Odukoya, has cautioned.

“God expects us to give Him the honour He deserves but we take Him for granted,” he said while continuing his message from last Thursday Showers at the January 10th Sunday service.

The preacher noted that this was what the right-hand man to the king of Samaria did in the book of 2 Kings 7:1-2 when he assumed and took God for granted- disbelieving what the prophet had declared.

According to him,  it is the same thing that happens between us and God as he, however, declared that anything that tries to exalt itself above the knowledge of God will surely be cast down-just as it happened to the king’s right-hand man.

He said that the reason people have issues in their relationship is because they take them for granted which ultimately leads to becoming insensitive to the feelings of the people they relate with.

Pastor Taiwo equally reminded the congregation that it is in the nature of man to always assume God and boast about tomorrow.

Speaking on the topic “Tomorrow”, the Senior Pastor interpreted tomorrow in the light of today as being expectant and hopeful concerning God’s promises to His children this year.

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“Concerning this matter,” he added, “be expectant of what God has said concerning you because there will always be a tomorrow.”

While encouraging the church, he said that as long as there is a tomorrow, there is something to believe God for. He however admonished against taking the word of God for granted.

“If you are going through troubles and you are taking this message for granted, you have yourself to blame,” he cautioned.

He went on to urged believers to no longer operate in the flesh but rather to operate in the gift of the Holy Spirit as the days are evil, noting that the enemies of God, not being able to attack God in person, will focus on attacking His children.

This is what the king of Samaria aimed to do to the prophet Elijah as recorded in 2 Kings 6:24-33. But because Elijah operated in the spirit, he foreknew the plans of the king.

“The more you stay outside the word, the more you expose yourself. The gift of the Spirit is for all of us to benefit from,” he said.

Ponder On This

Do you know that staying constantly connected to God through His word, remaining in partnership with His Holy Spirit and not taking your relationship with Him for granted, secures and assures your promises of tomorrow? It is also a guarantee of safety from the attack of the enemies.

Stay connected to God, remain in your covenant space and see God give you victory in every area of your life.