The Senior Pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, TFOLC, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya has urged Christian business owners and official workers to develop capacity, be responsible and take risks to experience blessings in their business.

He stated this while ministering at the first Thursday Showers service in 2024 which also doubled as the business anointing service.

Referring to the three stewards who were given talents by their master as recorded in Matthew 25:14-30, the Senior Pastor declared that building capacity is one of the criteria needed for expansion, adding that success happens when opportunity meets with preparation.

“There is a lot that comes with having more. A lot of people want more but are not ready to grow in capacity.

“Sometimes, when God doesn’t answer your prayers or withhold blessings; it’s not because He is wicked, but because of the level of your capacity,” the cleric insisted.

The TFOLC helmsman asserted that having a stewardship mindset is another way of succeeding in business, adding that being faithful to the little things God has given one would determine how much more He would give.

Citing Luke 19:10, the clergyman maintained that God cannot trust a believer with more if such a person cannot be faithful with the little committed to them.

In his words: “When you realise that you’ve been given a responsibility to steward what is not yours, your attitude would be different.

“As an employee or an employer, you must be a good steward because that money is not yours but God’s. He will not give you more if He cannot trust you with the little He has given you.

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“Your talents or gifts are not yours. They were given to you by the Master. So, what are you doing with what He has given to you?”

Another quality for success in expansion, according to Pastor Jimmy, is diligence and hard work.

Reading from Proverbs 12:24 to explain that diligence is not eye service but a consistent standard of excellence, the preacher posited that diligence doesn’t make one get tired.

“Wherever you find yourself; you must be diligent because you don’t know when God will bring that destiny helper your way,” the man of God stated.

Pastor Jimmy also mentioned risk-taking and investments as other qualities for expansion and success.

The man of God read Ecclesiastes 11:6 to say that life is all about risks and that avoiding risk because of the fear of failure won’t make one succeed. He said: “If it does not scare you; it is not God.”

He urged the congregation to be good stewards, be diligent, not be afraid to take risks and be kind to people around them if they want to become signs and wonders in the year.

“God can trust you to give you more when you are diligent over the little,” he maintained.