Pastor Taiwo Odukoya during the April 16 online Thursday Showers urged all believers never to stop praying for the nation and the world especially at this stage of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, Jeremiah 33:3 is God’s invitation to men to call on Him in prayers, noting that prayer is the most potent tool believers have no matter how disdained it’s being handled.

“It’s very easy to complain but God desires that we call on Him than complain,” he said.

Pastor Taiwo further noted that God will answer prayers by giving instructions and guidelines and such instructions need to be jotted down in order to make implementation easy and thereby revealing the manifestation of His answer. Such manifestations, he said, would be as a result of humility in prayer.

“The more knees we have on the ground, the more feet would be raised up from despondency. It is time for all to pray and lift this nation back to its feet,” he said.

He, therefore, urged everyone to never get weary of praying for themselves, families, and the nation.

In his words, “Rather than remain overwhelmed and confused, it’s time to bend your knees and call on to God and He will answer you. This boat won’t sink you and this nation.”

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