It was told that when the twins clocked 40 years old, Esau decided to get married and against his parents’ warning, he married from the heathen tribes and not just one but two wives who tormented his parents!

One-hundred-year-old blind Isaac and eighty-year-old frail Rebecca being bullied and ridiculed by their unbelieving daughters-in-law and forty-year-old unmarried Jacob left to console and care for his aged parents. in spite of this, Isaac did not care about the pain and agony his son and their wives caused him, he still loved him dearly and felt it was the proper thing to do by giving him his last and final blessings.

When Rebecca overheard Isaac’s plan, she was strongly opposed to this.

“…Why would I let some wicked heathen girls inherit the divine blessings meant for my sons? Even if they cared nothing for me, what has my blind old husband done to deserve their wickedness?

“My first son has only made matters worse by refusing to notice their actions and rebuking them. They have slowly bought his heart over to their heathen culture and religion. It breaks my heart terribly that I have lost him to the heathen…I cannot let the blessing of Abraham and Isaac be passed down to this heathen generation he has started.

“Jacob is my consolation. He deserves it more. He has helped my frail and weak hands wash his father’s clothes, he has helped me cook his father’s meals. He has helped me tend the sheep and ensure his father’s business keeps blooming. All Esau cares for is hunting for animals and heathen girls in the wild. God’s blessings deserve a more homely and family oriented man…a man who is willing to listen and obey. Jacob’s name may mean supplanter, but I know he will listen to me and marry from a God-fearing family and he will be greater than his brother. Whatever it takes, I will do to make sure that it said for generations to come ‘you are blessed with the blessings of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’

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Now where is Jacob?…it’s time for his recompense!”

Iboro Tonye-Edet