Hello honorable,

We hope that you have started doing great exploits as it has been declared by the Lord through our Senior Pastor. Our Sunday service was great. Below is the summary for you to also plunge into the knowledge of God to be able to do great exploit.

Just as King Solomon prayed to God while dedicating the temple to God and God answered, so will
He answers every child of His who prays to Him in faith (2 chronicles 7:14-15)
Sometimes, our lack of faith and knowledge of the covenant deprive us of receiving answers from
God. It is those who know their God that will do exploits in the land of the living (Daniel 11:32b).

– Prayer of petition
– Prayer of supplication.
– Prayer of adoration.
– Prayer of Compassion.
– Prayer of worship agreement.
– Prayer of bidding and loosing
You need to constantly be praying and praising everywhere you find yourself. God has put you in
that place or position you find yourself for a great legacy. So, your number one attention is God (2
Chronicles 7:12; Jeremiah 29:4).
Prayer is the only weapon to concur the world, knowing the heart of God and always trusting in His
judgment. Your best days are ahead of you. You are a change to your generation.

Always remember:
1. God loves you dearly and is intentional about you. Deliberately spend time with Him daily.
2. God’s economy is yours to enjoy. Stay plugged in.
3. Choose to obey every instruction God gives to you.
4. Keep confessing and declaring God’s word over every area of your life.