The Married Men’s fellowship of the Fountain of Life Church, Bishop’s Court held their second fellowship for the year on Saturday, March 16.


The theme for the gathering of men was The Family Altar. The men discussed the importance of a family altar and the role of all family members in participating in raising a family altar.


It was, however, established that the responsibility of the care of the altar lies with the parents; more specifically, the father who is the head of the home.


The benefits of raising a family altar were highlighted as follows:

  1. It helps couples grow spiritually, as iron sharpens iron.
  2. Family altar heals hurts. Makes forgiveness easier.
  3. It promotes love and tenderness in the family.
  4. It strengthens the church and the nation.

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After the exortation, there was a Question and Answer session, which was anchored by the current president of the fellowship, Bro Seyi Sowemimo.

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