Pastor Taiwo at the March 26 202o Thursday Showers has reiterated that God is everywhere, whether on the mountain or in the valley and would answer His children when they call on Him.

He noted that they only need to call on Him in faith.

“This is the time to trust God,” he said. You can trust Him anywhere and anytime.”

Speaking from Psalm 125:1-5, he noted that those who trust the Lord cannot be living in fear of circumstances but are confident in the ability of their God.

According to him, God surrounds those who trust in Him by His presence. He further said that fear should not be allowed in the believers’ mind because it doesn’t add any good thing to then but rather it weakens and

He, therefore, urged them to jump into the mercy of God as that is what the world needs at this crucial time of the coronavirus pandemic.

While continuing the series during Sunday service on March 29th, Pastor Taiwo said those who trust in the Lord will be immovable and abide like Mount Zion.

According to him, no matter what is raging outside, those who trust in the Lord will remain immovable, unshakable and bold.

He explained: “Man has been brought to a place to know that there is God because man will generally not trust God until all his intelligence and power have failed. So, Rather than let your heart fail you, put your trust in God.”

Speaking from Psalm 125:1-5, he said trusting God protects one from hopelessness and being a helpless victim of circumstances, noting that the antidote to fear is to trust in God

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According to him, Trust comes by knowledge and grows by fellowship. This, he said, gives one
the confidence to withstand any circumstances.

“To trust God is to provoke His presence into your situations. So, continue to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ because there is no other way than this,” he said.

He further used the account of the three Hebrew children in Daniel 3:1-28, who put their trust in God and were not put to shame as an example to say that until believers are able to trust God with their lives, they have not trusted Him.

Pastor Taiwo said: “If you are trusting in God, you have no need to be mindful of the raging storm because your God will keep you from being destroyed.”

He urged believers to trust in God especially during this trying times, saying that the trying moment would soon be history.

In his word, “You don’t need to be afraid but trust in the Lord for yourself, your family and even the world. If you have a covenant with God, the only way you can bring it to pass is to have absolute trust in Him.”

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