Dwelling on the theme scripture for the month (Acts 1:8), Pastor Taiwo at the June 6 Thursday Showers service spoke on the manifestation of the power of God as experienced by the early Christians, when they gathered on the day of Pentecost. He said that the greatest manifestation of God’s power happens when brethren gather, so believers should never forsake such gatherings.

Pastor Taiwo emphasised the need for Christians, no matter their profession or vocation, to always be a witness for Christ. “Your vocation should not hinder you from being a witness, whether you are an engineer, doctor or artisan,” he said. He stated that every believer needs the power of the Holy Spirit to be an effective witness and that the same power gives capacity for a successful Christian life.

Pastor Taiwo also assured the congregation that God will not demand from them what He has not given the capacity for. “In the place of our assignment, power is made available. We need the Holy Spirit to be the best of whatever God has called us to be,” he said.



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