Pastor Nomthi, on Sunday, June 9, implored believers to always remember that God is ever present with them, even in trouble. Reading from Psalm 46:1 which is the promise for the week, she said Christians should not panic whenever they are in difficult situations because God is with them and will make a way of escape. “God is our safe place and nothing can take us away from His place,” she said.

This followed her exhortation at the June 6 Thursday Showers service where she encouraged Christians not to despair when they fall sometimes because they will always rise up again.

pn june 6 showers

Pastor Nomthi said this while reading from Proverbs 24:16. She, however, advised them to always seek to know the cause or reason for their fall as this, at times, could be due to pride. In her words, “Sometimes, when we fall, we need to look at why we fell. It could be because of pride.”

She admonished believers against being prideful because whatever we have received from God is for His glory. “Whatever God is doing in your life is for His glory and not to attract attention to you. It is never about you; it’s always about Him,” she said.

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