The power of the Holy Spirit in a believer is not sensitive to geographical location. The moment you receive the Holy Spirit and His power, anywhere you are, people will see the glory of God. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya at the first Thursday Showers service in the month of July. According to him, every believer needs to be conscious of that power in him or her for it to be activated. “You have the power but you need to settle down to what you have. No matter how much cash is in your pocket, if it’s not the currency of the country you live in, it’s as good as not having money,” he said.

Speaking from Acts 1:8, he noted that this power is to enable believers preach the gospel both in words and deeds, noting that the Holy Spirit will help every believer to make this happen because He will always guide. “You need power in life because life is based on it. You are not expected to live without the Holy Spirit but to live in partnership with Him in all things,” he stated.

He then asked them not to do anything for the Kingdom of God without the power of the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus laid an example in Acts 10:38. “Don’t belittle the power of God. Don’t go into the world to preach the gospel without the power of the Holy Spirit,” he urged.