Pastor Nomthi, while encouraging the worshippers from Isaiah 61:3 at the Thursday Showers service, said that believers should always put on the garment of praise no matter what is happening to or around them.

According to her, just as each school has a specific uniform to identify its students so also should Christians wear the garment of praise that Jesus recommended for them. “Praise is our garment and we should always put it on. Don’t wear another garment but that of praise.  Don’t allow whatever you are going through define your identify,” she said.

She used the encounter of blind Bartimaeus with Jesus, and how he threw off the hindering garment on him so as to reach Jesus unhindered as recorded in Mark 10:46-52, to implore the worshippers that they should not allow the circumstances of life weigh them down but to always be joyful and full of praise.

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