Speaking to the congregation at the August 4 Sunday service from Joshua 5:9a which is the promise for the week, Pastor Nomthi said that the day one becomes a covenant child of God and becomes spiritually circumcised, he or she no longer has shame, diseases, inferiority complex, evil or any sort of negativity because the blood of Christ has wiped them away. “The blood of Jesus flows for you because you have entered a covenant with the King of kings. So no more reproach for you,” she said.

Pastor Nomthi stated that believers need to understand their identity and always declare it even when circumstances seem to be saying otherwise. She therefore urged them to hold on to God’s grace because that is the wing that lifts them higher above circumstances and reproaches.

“It is not because you have wings that you are flying, it is by His grace. So don’t look at your weakness but His grace. Stand up, look at that reproach in the face and tell it that it has been rolled away,” Pastor Nomthi enjoined.

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