It was another time in God’s presence as the Word Explosion Conference entered its third day with Dr Cindy Trimm taking the altar once again to deliver the mind of God to the church.

In her message to the congregation, Dr Trimm noted that many Christians still live below standard because of their mindset. According to her, unless those mindsets are changed, the reality of the new life of the covenant can’t be achieved.

To have a paradigm shift, Dr Trimm advised that one needs to first understand how a paradigm is formed. A paradigm, she noted, is formed via family, culture, education, and relational constellation. “So, for you to truly experience God’s freedom, there has to be a change in these areas.”

“The kingdom of God is the kingdom of light and revelation. The renewing of your mind will determine your paradigm shift. You have to change your socialisation, culturalization, and relationships to achieve a paradigm shift. If you’re in the kingdom, you have to be careful about people around you”, she warned.

She, therefore, encouraged believers to unlearn and relearn by understanding who they truly are in Christ. In her words, “Unless you know why you’re here, you won’t glorify God. God didn’t make a mistake in making you, everything in you is for the purpose God wants you to fulfil.”


Reported by Samuel Adu

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