“After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, ‘Do not be afraid, Abram, I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.”’ Genesis 15:1

Abram just had a revelation in which God was presented to him as the possessor of heaven and earth. From all indications, it was one revelation that would revolutionize his life and turn it around for the better. The problem was that the devil would try to cast doubts on the reality of that revelation so that Abram would not enjoy its full benefits.

Does that not look like what we experience on a daily basis in our effort to walk in the fullness of God’s promise for our lives? It may be a wonderful idea for a business proposal that just hits you. There is no doubt that it is from God, and you are ready to set the machinery in motion to pursue it to a conclusive end. Then comes a little fear and you begin to wonder if things would go as you have imagined.

Or maybe it is a specific revelation from the word of God about your health, healing, family or academics. The truth is, you have to be on your guard so that a little fear or doubt does not hinder you from benefiting maximally from the divine revelation.

Remember, Abram had the promise of a land. Then he got a specific revelation, which was intended basically to assure him that God would bring to pass what He had promised him since He owned the land in the first place. But God had to warn him almost immediately not to fear. Why? Because fear usually casts a shadow on what God is doing, or about to do, and presents a molehill as a mountain. That is why you must never give it a place in your life.

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Are you facing a threatening situation and are beginning to fret about God’s promise to you? God says, “Do not be afraid.” It is amazing that there are at least three hundred and sixty-six such injunctions in the Bible, enough to last you the whole year. They all assure you that God is interested in your psychological life as much as He is interested in every other aspect of your life. Your state of mind is important to your Father in Heaven. So, do not be afraid.

Cast all your care upon the Lord. Lean continually on His everlasting arm. Trust Him to do what he has promised concerning you. Surely, He will not fail you. But you need to have a relationship with Him who is Himself the Maker of all things. The Bible says there was nothing made that was made without Him. His love and light dispel all forms of fear. His name is Jesus.

To start such a relationship please pray this prayer: Lord Jesus I confess that You are Lord. I believe you died and rose from the dead for my sake. Forgive my sins, be my Saviour and make me a child of God from this day forward. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, in Jesus name.