Time is always fixed and cannot be changed. But in-between time are seasons which are not fixed but rotates. And when you know your seasons, your journey in life would be meaningful and purposeful. Purpose without vision is like a journey without a destination. Pastor Tayo Bayo-Kujore said this at the first service of August 25 Family Sunday while admonishing the congregation on identifying their seasons.

Speaking from Isaiah 45:1 and Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, he said there are two doors in the process of life and whether men like it or not, these two doors are compulsory for their entry into and exit from life. “It is a process everyone must go through. It is personal,” he said.

Pastor Tayo further said that the seasons in-between the entry and exit of life include; the season of self-recognition (Jeremiah 1:5); God-recognition moment; religion (Joshua 24:14-15); and character (Luke 6:43-44). “First is the door which is the entry, then the seasons in-between and finally, the exit. What you do between these times would determine how you live,” he stated.

He enjoined believers to rise and take their place and stop living by doctrines but by the word adding a word of caution that believers must not abuse the liberty they have in Christ.