Pastor Amaka Maduneme, while preaching at the August 18 Thursday Showers, told the worshipers that God can transform valleys into gateways of hope.

Using Peter’s experience as recorded in Luke 5:4-5, Pastor Amaka Maduneme said that just as he was frustrated after toiling all night without a catch, some believers may be frustrated because they are not as fruitful as they wish.

“It could seem as if it is never going to be good, but at God’s word, believe again, trust again. Just as the conclusion of the story in Luke 5 created a net-breaking testimony for Peter, God will create a testimony for you,” she told them.

Pastor Amaka also encouraged the congregation to confess the scripture and speak positively to themselves regardless of the situation, noting that God can never fail or lie.

“Every morning when you get up from bed, get your life going in God’s direction; think powerful thoughts, and regardless of the obstacle, know that your God is a faithful God,” she posited.

The clergywoman also cited Mark 4:35–41 to remind Christians that Jesus can calm storms in nature. She said believers, therefore, ought to watch their words during challenges as this would determine where their heart is.

She reiterated that “regardless of the storm in your life!” as a believer, you must “watch the things you say”.

The preacher then asked the congregation to pray about their challenges and command the storm to be still because “our God is bigger”.