Pastor Gbenga Onabanjo told the congregation at the September 1 Sunday first service that they always need to check the motive of their walk with Christ. According to him, every believer should desire a close and strong relationship with God and develop an unshakable faith. “If you must be a Christian, be a good and fervent one. Enough of surface Christianity,” he said.

Speaking from Luke 14:25-33, he stated that counting the cost of their faith-walk with God comes with a price, noting that righteousness (Genesis 15:6), faith (Matthew 15:21), the fear of the Lord (Genesis 39:21), leadership (Esther 4:2), and absolute belief in God (Philippians 2:8-9) are the costs a believer needs to count in his or her journey with God. “The price you pay for walking with God would never be in vain but is much more than its value,” he noted.

Pastor Gbenga then urged the church to follow the example of Jesus Christ and make a difference in their neighbourhood and in the world because they are the solution to the problems of mankind.

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