Pastor Moji Awokoya at the September 1 Sunday second service said that life’s journey is full of so many challenges as well as opportunities and one’s focus, whether on the challenges or the opportunities to exercise faith and trust in God, would determine one’s outcome.

Using the life’s experience of Jacob in connection with the person and character of God as recorded in Genesis 28:13-21 as an illustration, Pastor Moji noted six lessons in the midst of a believer’s life journey:

  • God does not give up on His children.
  • It’s not over until God says it’s over.
  • God’s children are never alone.
  • God sometimes allows certain circumstances in the lives of His children to prove His glory.
  • He always has a better answer.
  • The end of a believer matters more than the beginning.

Pastor Moji further urged the church never to listen to the devil because he would always lead them astray. “Even when you make mistakes, go back to God and He will always show you a way out,” she said.

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