On Sunday, February 15, 2012, I went to see a friend at Ibafo. On my way back, at about 7:30pm, as we got on the bridge between Ibafo and Berger, our bus broke down. Not long afterward, some men jumped out from the bush along the road with different kinds of weapons and threatened to kill us if we did not cooperate. Unknown to us, they were ritualists.

They dragged me after them, and then they threw me down from the bridge. Sincerely, I thought my end had come because the place was another world entirely. Nevertheless, I held on to my faith by calling the blood of Jesus and praying right within me to the God of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya to come to my rescue.

Although eight of us were captured, I was the only one who survived. They took me back to the bridge and immediately I saw a man approaching on a bike. I asked him to help me, because they had collected everything on me. The man took me from there to my house at Onipanu without collecting a dime from me.

This year indeed is our Year of Laughter and I pray that anyone connected to this ministry will not be a victim of armed robbery and kidnapping in Jesus’ name. Praise God!