Praise the Lord! I thank God for healing. I have always enjoyed good health, but in January 2012, I had an ear infection. After taking some medications, the left part of my face became numb. I could barely close my left eye and the left side of my lips. If I try to blow out my cheek, the air would go out through the left side and if I wash my face, water would go into my left eye because I could not close it.

During the first Thursday Showers that I came for this year, Pastor ministered about laughter. I keyed into the prophecy that I would laugh. If God has said it, I believed it. It was also said that God is bigger than whatever it is I might be going through; I also believed it. After that service, I tried to close my eyes to see if there was any improvement, but it was still like that. But I kept on trying.

My friends advised me to take some medication to make them calm, I bought some pills, but I never used it. I give God all the glory today, I can now close the eyes and blow up the cheek. I thank God because He is faithful and remains in the business of healing. Praise the Lord!

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