Pastor Nomthi, at the October 17 Thursday Showers service, said that believers should be actively involved in service to God and humanity as any lazy believer has no justification to sit down and continue to enjoy the service of others and even God. “You don’t have the right to sit down when you have not finished your assignment,” she said.

Speaking from Hebrews 12:1-2, she said that believing in God goes beyond listening to His Word but extends to obeying Him, noting that the act of service reveals the virtue of humility in a believer. In her words, “You need humility as a child of God to serve, and it will show in your attitude towards God and others in service. You can’t be too busy for the house of God; you should still have time to serve no matter how busy you are in your career and other assignments.”

She then enjoined believers not to fall short of God’s expectation of them by using their gifts to serve Him and others. “All of us have been gifted with gifts and God expects us to use them for His glory. True royalty in God’s Kingdom is through service,” she stated.

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