Pastor Kunle Areogun of The Fountain of Life Church has said that believers are being changed into the same image, manifestation, empowerment, and same quality of Christ’s life, adding that personal knowledge of God makes this possible.

This was the crux of his message during the second service of March Sunday 6 at the TFOLC headquarters in the Ilupeju area of Lagos State during which he took his Bible passage from the church’s theme for the year, 2 Corinthians 3:18 and Luke 24:49.

“You must get to know God before your manifestation because there are troubles both outside and inside. You must meet Him before you manifest His power,” he noted.

The preacher also said there is a need to tarry for the glory of God to show forth.

“There is waiting in the transformation. You need to learn to wait and withdraw from different noises both from without and within for that power of transformation would happen,” he said.

He cited Exodus 24:12-18 and Psalm 27:4 to explain that developing a relationship with God while waiting is another way of changing into that image of God.

“Don’t be in a hurry when you come into the presence of the Lord. Create a time that you just want to enjoy Him as a son of a loving Father,” the cleric told the worshippers.

According to the clergyman, believers can walk in the reality of that change and manifestation by tarrying in the Spirit.

He also referenced Exodus 13:16-21 and said that when believers wait on the Lord for proper improvement before going out to manifest, they would manifest. This is because they would have been empowered by God for the manifestation.

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“It is only those who are led by the Spirit of God that can manifest God well. God prepares you before He manifests you,” the clergyman added.

The cleric charged the congregation while reading from Isaiah 60:1-3, to abide by God’s instructions in getting fully prepared before they manifest.

“Don’t truncate your faith, believe God, change your heart before your words would change, and then you will see this transformation from glory to glory,” he urged them.