The October meeting of the Bishop’s Court fellowship, the married men’s fellowship of The Fountain of Life Church, took place on Saturday 19th October 2019.

The theme of the meeting, tagged Your Heritage Reloaded, was a continuation of the previous month’s meeting. The meeting centred around the inheritance men leave behind for their loved ones when their time on earth ends. The meeting afforded members the opportunity to get further clarifications on some questions asked at the previous meeting.

The session was anchored by Mr Kolapo Sogbetun who laid a foundation of discussion before taking questions from the audience. He said: The first will that a man should have is the Heritage that, as a father, he passes on to his family, and that should be the love of God. This love conquers a great deal of ills if or when a dispute arises.


He added that there should be a partnership between men and their wives. There shouldn’t be anything hidden, particularly the contents of their Will. This prevents any ambiguity with family members after one’s demise.

Mr Sogbetun further added that the character of the executor(s) of the Will is very important as they have to be people of integrity with nothing to gain in the proceeds of the Will.


Some of the questions raised during the Q&A session include:

  • Contesting a written will on another’s behalf;
  • Challenging the contents of a will;
  • Contesting the removal of an administrator-general who is a trustee of an estate;
  • An executor of the will, who is also a beneficiary to the will can apply to the courts to be removed as an executor, particularly if the person feels cheated or neglected;
  • The need to update next of kin records with employers;
  • If a will is the wish of a deceased, why do we as Christians want to contest the contents of the will?
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After the session, the president of the fellowship, Bro Seyi Sowemimo, charged the men with an excerpt which read: if we invest in our children, we won’t have to invest for our children.

The meeting ended with closing prayers said by Pastor Femi Megbope.