In continuation of the message he started at the previous Thursday Showers service, Pastor Taiwo at the October 20 Sunday service said that the Spirit of God always appears first when God wants to fulfill His promise in the lives of His children, noting that such visitation of the Spirit often comes with anointing. “When God wants to turn around the mess in your life, your first see the Holy Ghost. And He turns your slavery to royalty,” he said.

Doing a recap of the story of the Israelites while in captivity as recorded in Isaiah chapters 57 to 59, and their restoration as recorded in Isaiah 61:1-7, he said that the promises of God become activated in their lives through the Spirit and His Word, and this, in turn, reveals God’s glory to the world through them. This, according to him, is why believers should always speak God’s Word and watch Him do His work. “With the Spirit and the Word in a believer, a turnaround is guaranteed,” he stated.

Pastor Taiwo then urged them to know God’s Word concerning them and keep declaring it by the Spirit. “Don’t give attention to what you see or feel. Jesus has finished the work, so hold on to the truth and run with it,” he admonished.