Pastor Taiwo stated at the October 24 Thursday Showers service that God’s grace is always sufficient for His children, noting that even when we are tempted to think He cannot solve a problem, His grace would still outlive the problem. “It might look like an ordinary day for you, but your giant stride begins today,” he said.

Drawing from Luke 18:1, Matthew 6:25 and Colossians 1:9, he explained that the antidote to losing heart is prayer, noting that our success cannot be defined except as Christ is formed in us. “Men always ought to pray and not lose heart. If all you are seeking God, His Kingdom and righteousness, you will always overcome the trials and obstacles on your path,” he stated.

He then encouraged all to always be obedient to God and the Holy Spirit would continually infuse them with knowledge. “There is no way you will be in the presence of God and not have fullness of joy,” he added.

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