Jesus is always willing to answer the requests of His own and heal them of all diseases. He, however, expects them to be bold to ask in faith just like the centurion in Matthew 8:13 who confidently asked and got the healing request for his servant granted. These were the words of Pastor Taiwo at the October 30 Thursday Showers service as he admonished his listeners to always be bold to declare God’s Word over their lives.

According to him, when believers speak the Word, life comes over any dead situation. “When a revelation comes, it is God speaking to you but you’ve got to believe and take it and personalize it. There is no way you will not have results. The mystery of the Kingdom is in the Word—your understanding and declaration of the Word. So, speak the Word,” he said.

He then encouraged them to never stop believing God and to continually speak the Word as this would always bring results. “Words commands authority. So, speak His Word over your situations and see the miraculous happen,” he urged.

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