Pastor Nomthi told the worshippers at the October 31 Thursday Showers service that true believers are confident of the shed blood of Christ to keep them away from being harmed by any weapon formed against them. “Weapons are formed every day out there in the world and people are hit by those weapons. But when they are formed or thrown at God’s children, it would not affect them because they dwell in the presence of the Lord,” she said.

Speaking from Isaiah 54:17, she said that the blood of Jesus separates believers from the enemy, so they are not worried even when the enemy tries to attack them. “The presence of the Lord is your territory and the devil can never come to that territory to hurt you. You will continue to walk in peace because the blood of Jesus has saved and protects you,” she noted.

She then urged them to always believe God’s words concerning them that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. “Every day is a fashion week for you because God is displaying you to the devil,” she stated.

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