I give this testimony to the glory of God. Precisely two years ago, I discovered that my right breast was bringing out blood and I normally take family planning injection. So, I went to the hospital and told the nurse, she screamed and said that was a symptom of cancer. I told her that was not my portion. They asked me to come for an examination.

When I got to the door of the office, I decided not to enter because I knew they would give me all sorts of names that I was not ready to receive. I said I would turn to my God and I decided to be taking Holy Communion for seven nights, confessing what the word of God said about me. I kept confessing that “by His stripes, I am healed”. I claimed my healing and I commanded the blood coming from my breast to dry. I did that for seven nights. Afterward, I started thanking Him for my healing.

After some months, I discovered that the blood stopped. When I told my mom and siblings they were surprised, but I told them to thank God for me. Three weeks ago, I decided to pray in the night as I always do. But that night, I woke up late, sometime before 2am, I started praying and discovered some pain in my right breast. But I began to confess that affliction would not arise the second time. I prayed about it and started thanking God, but the pain became so serious that I began to fear that cancer had returned.

At this point, I decided to go on dry fasting for three days, starting from Monday, and I was confessing the word of God for my healing. I commanded the pain to dry and by the end of that day, there was a big lump on my breast, I was surprised at it. I also commanded the lump to dry up.

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On Thursday, I came for Showers and took Holy Communion, I took two, one for my life and one for my healing. The thoughts that usually came to me was that I would die before December, but I kept rebuking it. After the Holy Communion, we were asked to start thanking God for our miracles.

When Pastor Taiwo came up and asked us to plead the blood of Jesus, I put my hand on the breast and started pleading the blood of Jesus. Pastor also said that day that “this is your Passover” and I claimed it. The pain went off, but the lump was still there, and I continued to confess the word of God concerning the lump. I told my mom and she advised me to visit the hospital.

I went to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja. The doctor asked me to go for a monogram test, stating that my condition was serious and urgent. Before submitting myself to the machine, I cancelled any evil report. After the test, they said they would call me back in two weeks time and when I did not hear from them, I went there to check. They gave me the result and I knew it was going to be good because the God I serve never failed.

When I got to the doctor, he said that the result was good that it’s just a thickening of the skin. He said I should be coming for checkup every six months. I give God the glory because He is faithful to His word. Please rejoice with me!