While speaking from Matthew 6:25-33 and Jeremiah 29:13, Pastor Babatunde Ladipo told the
congregation at the July 29 Thursday showers service that Christians, who desire additions from
God over any issue of life, ought to first prioritize seeking God’s Kingdom and His righteousness.

“Seek partnership to add to the Kingdom of God, then all other things shall be added unto you,” he said.

He further noted, “You must dwell in His word, recognize His will, words and ways. Make sure
you are a man or woman of His presence and of the word. This will make you understand His
ways, will, and voice. Then, additions would be your portion.”

Also citing Acts 5:15; 11:24 and Revelation 22:18 as references, the clergy said that God is a God
of addition who always adds to His church irrespective of man’s efforts; noting that no man has
what it takes to increase.

“If you want God to add to your heart’s desires, seek first God’s heavenly influences, will, government, rulership and dominion,” he stated.


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Pastor Babatunde further added that being born again and having access into the Kingdom of
God is the first addition to any believer’s life. Such a believer, according to the clergy, ought to
then seek the growth of that Kingdom which is a guarantee of additions that would be made to
the believer.

According to him, “The first addition to the Kingdom is you, else you wouldn’t have any covenant
right to demand anything from God. You now need to take the next step, which is, to seek to
grow God’s Kingdom. Once you are determined to do this, then you qualify for God’s addition.”